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"I have been using Proexist Skin Cleanser in my medical and aesthetic clinic for a few years. It is my go to product for acne and other minor skin infections. I much prefer prescribing a natural antibiotic opposed to synthetic formulations that can cause serious adverse effects and tolerance. My entire family uses this cleanser. I also use this cleanser myself. I am an avid runner and cyclist. I experience breakouts on my upper back and chin due to intense exercise in the Texas heat. The cleanser has been a life saver, reducing and preventing these breakouts significantly without leaving my skin dry. This is amazing and I will continue to recommend it."

Heather Dawson (Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner
Owner of Dawson Wellness) - McKinney, TX

"When I first heard of Proexist and its Nano technology it caught my attention and I immediately did some research. I was overly impressed with how powerful this natural antibacterial can be. I highly recommend Proexist cleanser to all my patients that suffer from severe acne and other skin conditions such as fungus, irritated skin, hyper-pigmentation and oily skin. In every patient, the results were remarkable. Proexist is very effective, and is a one of a kind product."


Dr. Shorkraei - Reseda, CA

"I have been a professional esthetician for more than 22 years. I had a new client who was suffering from acne and was tired of using topical medication that was over-drying and harsh on her skin. That's when I introduced her to Proexist, a new naturally based skin cleanser. She used it for two weeks and it really helped clear her skin, leaving it nice and smooth. I too was amazed! Thanks Proexist."

Loretta Benner - Galt, CA

"I have given samples of this product to clients, family and friends and everyone agrees this works! I don't have acneic skin but I do use the soap for my keratosis pilaris and it has helped tremendously! I am placing another order today to have more in stock because people want it and love it!"

Loretta Benner - Galt, CA